Dear visitor of our site, thank you for visiting this page. It means alot for us.

First of all an explanation of the picture you see. It's the proof of where the money of the ICO went to.

In the night from 15 to 16 November 2018 our Bittrex account was hacked by an ucrainian kid, who couldn't withdraw funds due to a block but found funny to dissolve our wallet. You can see unreasonable buy and sell transactions until the balance went to zero. To start a lawsuit against Bittrex it wasn't a cheap idea and the dutch police couldn't or wouldn't help.

In this last 3 years we tried to double every cent of our tradings to keep the promises we made to our shareholders. It ain't easy as in the cryptoworld you have alot of bad guys. We had some chinese, pakistani and russians who hacked frequently the platform with the thought that it was still operational. They have lost alot of time but that is not the point now.

We had our TFUND token listed to the platform. It seems now that Sam and his friends are gone forever and with them also those funds. Our ETH buy and sell orders are still in the blockchain and we were told that it may be a way to cancel those orders and get back some money. Until now we couldn't find any developer capable of achieve that.

In the time that i speak we have another attack from a criminal organization from Russia and Ucraine who scammed alot of people using our name. This duped people are asking us questions, while we have nothing to do with this criminals, and they are reacting against us and our website.

I am writing this article to say that we will undergoing an update of Bitotal in the next few weeks. We hope to announce soon a partnership with Binance. As our shareholders were already notified, since some time we are in talk with Binance representatives for the start of a White Label Exchange.

Nowadays where in Europe there are millions of rules against any crypto company is not an easy task and as we always want to be unique, it may take some time to achieve what we want to achieve. However is not the same environment as back in 2016 when we started this project as you have alot of more competitors, a normal exchange is not profitable anymore, but we are committed to our community and we will come with something new. If you think you can help making Bitotal great again please leave us a message.