The price broke previous resistance is now testing it as support. Approaching 200EMA will act as additional dynamic support. Current price levels are laying in the node of low volume which isn't ideal, but not tragic. I marked a possible channel with grey-dotted trendlines, but its bottom trendline doesn't look too reliable so I don't know if it will be respected, but just in case- it's there. Market cap: $13,632,046 (super low) Entry: buy in the highlighted trading range down to local level 0.10825 Targets: 0.16657 0.19818 0.24848 0.29750 0.44902 0.59171 0.89668 ----------------------- About ACE: -- They made it impossible to copy/paste stuff from their whitepaper for some reason but you can read all about it on their website -- In simple words ACE is a native token of OSIRIS browser and ecosystem which is supposed to be some new Web3 thing. It's kind of like Brave Browser and BAT.