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Our ICO platform allows customers and investors to purchase your initial coin offer in a democratic and safe manner.
Our brand gives your investors a trusted mark that guarantees the escrow of their investment. You as a developer or manager of your project needs only to focus on your website and your works to make the ICO a success. If you don't have a website we can also provide you with a onepage template where you can add your content, see here an example.

People who are interested in investing in your idea will be redirected to your own Bitotal ICO back-end where they will crowdfund your project and would be able to deposit their funds not only with cryptocurrencies but also by bank wire.
A NO CURE NO PAY agreement that enables you to start your ICO for free and to pay Bitotal only a percentage over the crowdfunded amount.

Do you have your own website, you don't need our ICO platform and just want to add your coin to our exchange?
This is also possible and in this case you pay only for the installation of your token on our exchange.


Does your coin fulfill our requirements?
Please check this link first



Does your project fulfill our ICO requirements?
Please check this link first