The first cryptocurrency
created for the Developers community

What is DEVS?

The Freelancers Github of cryptos that gives a trustmark only to trustfull and reliable IT programmers.
The decentralized currency from developers which has been designed by critically and thoroughly assessing the shortcomings of other virtual transaction systems that are often experienced by freelancers. It has been structured by taking in the valuable input of individuals who have been integral members of the community and possess extensive knowledge in their relevant area and field.

Created from and for developers

The DEVSWALLET facilitates developers and users to engage in transactions with the click of a button which is as easy as downloading an application and processing payments over the virtual infrastructure. The built in cryptocurrency, DEVSCOINS can be sent and received over the platform without any hassles and can be readily exchanged between crypto and fiat currencies.

Time saver

Ensuring the provision of reliable platform, what sets DEVS apart is its focus on bringing skilful developers and reliable customers together on a stage that serves a mutually beneficial purpose. DEVS aims to become a trusted brand name for developers that have established their name in the market and exhibited expertise in the area of blockchain technology development.

Anti-scam proof

Project managers across the globe are faced with the challenge of finding quality human resource to serve on specialized projects and provide them professional expertise in such fields.
Our developers community consists in reliable members verified not only by email but also by ID and residential address.

The Token

Initial Coin Offer

Initial DEVS price is set to $0.10

During the whole initial offer process the DEVS token price will increase according to the demand and “sell walls” will be created in the following way:

  • $0.10 50,000 tokens
  • $0.15 40,000 tokens
  • $0.20 35,000 tokens
  • $0.25 30,000 tokens
  • $0.30 25,000 tokens
  • $0.35 20,000 tokens
  • $0.40 15,000 tokens
  • $0.45 10,000 tokens

So on until all 9,000,000 tokens will be listed for sale on the orderbook.

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      Following the initial offer process, the enhancement in the DEVS offer price based on demand and supply forces will create an incentive for investors that are early participants of the ICO. This is essentially a reward for investors who chose to stand by the values and vision of the DEVS project and acted as initial supporters of the project.

Capital Investment

DEVS shall be responsible for developing the foundation of the community during the ICO. This element entails taking into account all the operational responsibilities as well as successfully completing the administrative tasks associated with the project and making it marketable.

    As the foundation of this brand is based upon the vision of promoting trust within the freelancing market and especially between developers and customers, we take pride in adopting a full disclosure policy towards all investors that come on-board and choose to provide capital investment for this project.


We are already working on the system and expect to meet the development goals ahead of the schedule.

Q3 2017 – Development idea
Q3 2017 – Development Bitcoin fork
Q4 2017 – ICO start
Q4 2017 – Listing Exchange
Q1 2018 – Launch DEVS website
Q1 2018 – Registering DEVS trusted mark
Q2 2018 – Mobile application and full-featured DEVS platform
Q2 2018 – First dividends distribution


The purchase of DEVCOINS during the ICO will allow investors to become shareholders of the DEVS project and claim its ownership; shareholder wealth maximization shall remain one of our most fundamental priorities.

A dividend will be declared at the end of every three months

The DEVSCOIN is a high standard coin which intends to become a hallmark of trust and reliability in the freelance economy, therefore, the investors are essentially acting as pioneers to help establish a safe technology environment where the rights of developers and customers are protected. This will encourage more individuals to economically benefit from entry into the freelance economy while providing project managers with quality human resource.