Born from an ideal

On 17 June 2017, Bitotal introduced TTT (Total Trading Technology), which is the first cryptocurrencies index.
Bitotal has an experience of 3 decades in the field of asset trading. When we first approached Bitcoin and altcoins trading, we noticed the lack of statistical measuring for this financial market segment. Now, our experience has made us one of the best and most efficient exchange company. Since its launch, Bitotal has been working on its journey towards success and on revolutionizing the field of digital currency. Bitotal is one of its kind as it offers a 360 degree trading facility with the ability to invest in an exclusive package of cryptocurrencies, funds and indexes. The indexes you find on our platform are our exclusive property and they are not found in any other exchange. This makes our company more valued amongst all exchange companies. This gives you the opportunity to have total control over each market move by anticipating any fluctuations and having a considerable advantage over your investment decisions. When we noticed the intense lack of any cryptocurrencies market measure and any reliable exchange provider, we began working on this project. Nowadays, the crypto market should be low-cost, fast and convenient. This makes the process of trading and dealing more easy and convenient for investors. Overall, while trading with the other exchange companies, we found this quite impossible to achieve. This was due to high trading commissions, high software latency and zero customer support. Bitotal decided to change all of this revolutionarily. In this environment, Bitotal created a new investing platform from scratch and we have also enriched every aspect related to trading cryptocurrencies in a safe and sustainable way.

Our achievements

go even more beyond this

After we had the tools to trade in the most effective way possible, we decided to develop a bot. This bot auto trades the whole cryptocurrencies market, including Bitcoin. We noticed that almost every positive movement of the Bitcoin price is reflected in a negative movement of the largest altcoins and vice versa. With the help of this observation, we have developed TTT (Total Trading Technology). This technology is one of our best achievements and it profits from those cryptocurrencies prices fluctuations in the market. Every penny or satoshi gained from this speculative way of trading is reinvested into the project and reflected into the TTT coin price. In the digital currency sector, Satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency which is recorded on the blockchain.
Bitotal is working on the first crypto trading index since October 2016 and we made our first public announcement at the end of June 2017. This announcement was made regarding the introduction of TTT (Total Trading Technology). Since the very beginning of the company, Bitotal’s main objective is to create passive income for all of its clients. We also thrive to expand and provide access to this opportunity to anybody who is interested. Our vision of the future comprises of computers and algorithms that will enable us to create a sustainable income by the creation of an Index trading based cryptocurrency. Our objective for this forthcoming new economy is that Bitotal will take the leading role instead of simply being a part of it.
After the end of the ICO on 31 August 2017, we have created a list of shareholders.
This list holds the names of investors who have helped us actively. Their participation and assistance have enabled us to take the best decisions in order to achieve our common goals.