Trade the Altcoins Index
with just one click!

TTT gives you the opportunity to trade digital currencies faster and in a much more effective way than you used to.
The ultimate goal is to bring profit opportunities for everyone from big to small investors.


By introducing a new technology for the Crypto financial market that creates a passive income and that can be implemented in a savings card. TTT is a digital currency created from a cpu bound POW algorithm.

what is ttt?

Invented with the intention to simplify developers language and to make digital business opportunities accessible for everyone. The first idea was to create a financial index with a selection of trading assets that gives investors an indication of the whole Altcoins market sentiment and direction. Very similar to the SP500 for the Dow Jones or the QQQ for the Nasdaq which indices consist of a hypothetical portfolio of securities representing a particular market or a segment of it.

The majority of the cryptocurrencies traders have noticed that every increase of the Bitcoin price coincides simultaneously with a decrease of the largest Altcoins and viceversa. That's why we decided to improve the algorithms with the scenario that we buy or sell Bitcoins or Altcoins depending on eachother price movements. After we achieved that we discovered the enormous potential that those algorithms may have not only in the financial market but also in the real world and in the daily life. Thanks to the initial financial support of the dutch government and the funds raised with this ICO we have the opportunity to develop further the TTT technology for commercial use in the middle and big industry.

The Average Price

TTT price is based on the average price of the largest market capitalisation altcoins. Knowing that, we see that the average price measured the 1 May 2017 of the first 25 currencies was $12.5 per coin.

Without Top Altcoins

If we exclude the most expensive 5 currencies the average price for the remaining 20 currencies will be $7.20 per coin. There in between ($7 and $12.5) is where we set the value of TTT.

Mathematical Potential

This is based only on the market value of the best altcoins but, due to the fact that the TTT price is also based on the Bitcoin price, the average would be much higher.

the future

our vision

Mathematics and algorithms will make possible for computers of the next generation to create passive income for everyone of us. You need to see this like something who will totally change anyone's view of the future on how we will achieve wealth in a sustainable way. Like machines replaced years go the hard work of million working hands, in the same way will the crypto technology substitute the way we all will in the future earn money. As matter of fact we will in the very near future only need a good computer to pay our bills.