How it was made

Jul 2017


One of the greatest trading asset investors has been using in the past decades are indexes. In finance an index is an indicator or statistical measure of change in a securities market. Stock and bond market indices consist of a hypothetical portfolio of securities representing a particular market or a segment of it.
The Standard & Poor's 500 (S&P500), for example, is an American stock market index based on the market capitalizations of 500 large companies having common stock listed on the NYSE.
Another example is The Nasdaq 100 Composite Index (QQQ) which allows investors to essentially invest in all of the stocks that make up the Nasdaq 100 in a single security. Such stock market indices, are the most commonly followed equity indices, and many consider it one of the best representations of the U.S. stock market, and a bellwether for the U.S. economy.
In my 28 years long experience in trading stocks and commodities i noticed the power of profit from those markets related indexes as i can trade market movements in a much faster way than buying single shares separately. The most important advantage above all is that the risk is being spread through all the index group stocks thereby limiting the loss when it happened.
When, a couple of years ago, i started trading cryptocurrencies i noticed the lacking of such indexes. I kept asking myself what would be the reason why nobody ever introduces anything similar to our traditional way of trading and this has begun to curse me more and more. None of my friends, trading buddies or business partners could actually give me any convincing answer. Except the simple answers anyone of us usually hears when we have a big idea in mind like "it doesn't exist because nobody invented it" or "it doesn't exist because it's impossible to achieve it".
I have to say that i have a school education in economics and zero knowledge of IT developing but after discovering the world of digital currencies and the impact that those will have in our future i decided to start an entrepreneurial activity in this field called Bitotal.
First i looked for a developer who could make a script that fetches data from different Altcoins exchanges and mix it into a single average price of preselected coins. Afterthat with another developer we developed a bot which trades market movements of Bitcoin and those preselected coins. As many of cryptocurrencies traders noticed that every increase of the Bitcoin price coincides simultaneously with a decrease of the largest Altcoins value and viceversa. If you have in your portfolio for example 50% invested in altcoins and the other 50% liquid you have in the most of the cases a stable portfolio. Liquid in digital currencies environment means BTC and the stability of your portfolio depends of course in which altcoins you invested.
With a third developer we decided to improve the algorithms with the scenario that we buy or sell Bitcoins or Altcoins depending on eachother price movements. The result combined with what above mentioned opened me different and unexpected opportunities for the future of our company and for the future of global economy. I learned from my previous business experiences, that when something doesn't exist is because it hasn't been invented yet and i like to open my views to new goals and trying to move my boundaries.
I know that dreams are free but dreaming can sometimes cause nightmares. However i like to see a future in which computers and algorithms will replace the way we all earn our money and create our mainly income. It's not a matter of how but a matter of when those tools to create passive income will be achievable for everyone. Therefore we are developing a technology that combines trading algorithms with Bitcoin mining and that can be implemented in a savings card. We are confident to introduces this new product in Q1 2018.
Let's go back to the CryptoTrading indices that simplifies our trading behaviour. We created the TTT20 which is an index based on the market capitalizations of the 20 largest altcoins. Instead of buying Ethereum, Dash, Ripple... coins one by one, you can now trade the market instantly by buying TTT20 and all those 20 coins at once. We created also TTTSoftware based on cryptocompanies operating in software business, TTTEntertainment for the games altcoin industries and TTTEmerging for the last added and most promising coins.
We now have 4 indices that give us an indication of the sentiment in the different cryptocurrencies markets. This indexes are comparable to SP500 and Nasdaq100 but in the new era of trading digital currencies we needed also a coin that represent the whole cryptocurrencies market and that can be used as a payment method.
After we achieved our goal to create the first CryptoTrading Index we realized the enormous potential of this project. Step by step we are discovering new ways of business achievable from the TTT technology. That's why we have decided to involve in our project also a governmental institutions such as the Drenthe province in the Netherlands. We are very happy with this initial capital but to further develop the Bitotal project and to make it fully operational we need to raise more funds.
We have started a crowdsale and made it unique just like our project. In this 2 months during initial coin offer we have 3 rounds and in each phase the ask price per token will rise depending on demand just like a normal stock share price.
Feel free to read our Whitepaper, to invest in our crowdsale and share our common goal to create passive income for everyone.
Raf Varone
TTT Project Manager