Ownership list after ICO

ICO ended 6 days ago and we have now the results. Before the start on 1st of July were 5 million coins premined.
During ICO were 526,398.1606 TTT coins distributed.
We destroyed 4 million tokens and we kept another 473,600 TTT coins available for sale in exchange.
In total right now remain 1,000,000 TTT coins on the market.

The ownership list has been made and all our shareholders have been notified.
The top 10 investors of the list are coming from: 3 The Netherlands, 2 United States, 2 Russia, 1 Germany, 1 France and 1 Ucraine.
This list measures the shares held by each shareholder and gives the percentage for dividends and vote power.
The first vote is under way and in this vote our shareholders were asked to give their opinion on three important decisions to make.

The Management Board will remain the same until next vote.
The sale of TTT coin will continue for indefinite time until the sale of the latest available token.
In relation to TTT holders and upcoming TTT buyers, new rules regarding becoming a shareholder have been drafted:
- Bounties owners are not considered shareholders and they are not allowed to vote. They can become a shareholder by buying TTT from other members or market
- New TTT buyer won't have shareholder power unless they buy shares from other shareholders
- Shareholders can increase their share by buying someone else share or from exchange
- Shareholders above 25% of ownership needs to be a verified member

- Are paid every 3 months to all the shareholders
- To be eligible for dividends you must have the same or more amount TTT in your portfolio as of the start of the quarter
- Dividends are paid out in TTT

More terms will be added in the future and only shareholders will be notified by email