Gives the opportunity to raise funds for the further development of the project.
After only 11 days from the beginning of our ico we have reached our minimum goal we have set ourselves.
This gives us the confidence to develop the trading module where it will soon be possible to trade our exclusive indexes.
Money raised from this crowdfunding cannot be used until the 1st September 2017, first day after ICO.


Enable fulltime commitment for updates and community support. We aim to set to zero any possible vulnerability and to make daily hacktests to ensure 100% security.


We need to distinguish ourself between the many altcoins on the market right now. Therefore a reasonable share of the total investment will be reserved for promotions.


The biggest portion of the funds will be redistributed to the Bitotal exchange. We will systematically rebuy TTT tokens from exchanges to guarantee the price stability of the currency.


Last but not least we encourage anyone to spread the word about us and increase our dedicated community. Therefore we will regularly give away tokens in return of their support.

Unique technology

Count on algorithms coincived for the financial market. Rely on bots who trades for you by buying simultaneously a selection of altcoins

Durable concept

Avoid market manipulation and panic sell or buy. All profit made from cryptocurrencies price movements are reinvested in the TTTcoin

Sustainable future

Invest in a project that will change the way we earn money and create passive income. Make the economy and not only be part of it.