TTT for Your Business

For any business you may run it is crucial nowadays to have the ability to distinct yourself from your competitors.
The creation of a modern form of affiliation of your customers sure is the most effective way.


First of all, we create a token with your brandname and the basics TTT algorithms. This will be the beginning of your trading currency where your customers will be able to exchange your tokens in your blockchain. No one but your business and individual customer will be aware of the transactions made by and to whom. This ensures the privacy of all parties involved. At your complete discretion, you can decide to create a 100% premade token or give your customers a possibility to create them at home behind their own computer. This last form is we think the most genial as your customer will be connected to your business 24 hours to keep an eye on how many of your coins have been mined and go back to your shop to spend it.


As a business owner you already know that the best way to create a network of affectionate customers is to create the opportunity for them to save on purchasing your products. The most effective system is the distribution of savings cards where your customers receive a reward for each purchase. This reward is given in the form of your coins and the amount saved or spent will be visible automatically when a transaction is made. In your shop, you will be provided with the latest TTT19012 card reader where your employees will be able to scan to see the amount to be paid. For your customers, an app will be available where the amount of coins mined, purchased or spent in your store will be updated in real time.


Your virtual coin having built-in TTT technology will be recognized as a stable and secure exchange currency. The value you want for your coin depends only on your personal considerations. You can choose to give it a unique and forever symbolic value, or to make it tradable and subject to price changes. In either case, it may be exchanged on our investment platform such as Bitcoin or any other important cryptocurrency.
The ability to approach your brand distribution on the exchange market is diverse and different. You are totally free to sell your own trade on any cryptocurrencies exchange you may want to without obligations.


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