The first CryptoTrading Index

Jul 2017


After 9 months of work and testing we are finally ready to fill a gap in the cryptocurrencies trading market. Simplify trading for investors who are seeking to profit from the Newage economy. An Index which can be seen similar to Nasdaq QQQ or Dow Jones SP500 where an average value is given to a selection of companies shares.
The first idea was to create a financial index with a selection of trading assets that gives investors an indication of the whole Altcoins market sentiment and direction. The majority of the cryptocurrencies traders have noticed that every increase of the Bitcoin price coincides simultaneously with a decrease of the largest Altcoins and viceversa. That's why we decided to improve the algorithms with the scenario that we buy or sell Bitcoins or Altcoins depending on eachother price movements.
After we achieved that we discovered the enormous potential that those algorithms may have not only in the financial market but also in the real world and in the daily life. We decided to build a new technology that use the Crypto financial market to create passive income and that can also be implemented in a savings card. Thanks to the initial financial support of the dutch government and the funds raised with this ICO we have the opportunity to develop further the TTT technology for commercial use in the middle and big industry.


Most of cryptocurrencies traders nowadays use bots to autotrade the market. Some others use charts and indicators like Bollinger or Fibonacci. TTT algorithms have no association with any of those tools.
By trading simultaneously BTC and altcoins we create a situation where we'll have 50% of chance of a positive trade, 25% neutral and 25% negative. That can be easily explained by the fact that we have the possibility that Bitcoin price rises which is positive, that altcoins average price rises which is also positive.
If no market movement will occur than we have a neutral situation where no gain or loss are made. Only in the case that both markets declines in the same time we will have a negative trade. This market movements are also reflected into TTT.
Furthermore we have introduced 4 indexes: - TTT20 Index of the 20 biggest Altcoins - TTTSOFT which stands for TTT Index of the Software related cryptocurrencies - TTTENTER index for entertainment related Altcoins - TTTEME index dedicated to most promising new introduced coins.
Later this year after gathering enough data we will introduce the TTTVolatile, TTTPrediction and TTTFund indexes.


Digital transactions sent to the network are untraceable by using the public keys of other members in the ring signature. The creator of the transaction is eligible to spend the amount specified in the transaction but his identity will be indistinguishable from the users whose public keys he used in his ring signatures.
The code creates multiple unique one-time keys, derived from the single public key, for each p2p payment. Designed to mitigate the risks associated with key re-usage and one-input-to-one-output tracing. Every address for a payment is a unique one-time key, derived from both the sender's and the recipient's data.
The creation of a coin related to the indexes is essential first of all as exchange currency on our platform and secondly for the future implementation in our financial products. The value is generated by the market movement of the TTT20 index + Bitcoin. In the event of a loss of the value of the aforementioned assets, there will be a sale and in the case of a gain there will be a coin rebuy. This generate a currency that fully synthesizes the cryptocurrencies market a guarantees a stable and durable payment method.


During the 1st round of our crowdsale we have achieved our first 3 money raised milestones. That enables us to share our confidence to those who supported us in the first place and gave us the first push. As also stated in our Whitepaper we can focus now on the next phase in which we are going to develop our Trading Platform and make the first steps to introduce the TTT technology to large industries in The Netherlands.
In the 1st round of our ICO the Bitotal token (TTT) had a fixed priced of $1 during 15 days. In this 2nd round the ask price per token rises daily accordingly to demand and tokens sold. During the 15 days of this second round the price per coin will for any reason decrease in value. The price at the end of the 2nd round will be the start price of the 3rd round.
During the 3rd and last round, until the end of ICO the 31 August 2017, the TTT price will be affected from demand and also from the TTT20 Cryptocurrencies Index. Instead of giving discount by the purchase of the first TTT coins we raise the ask price accordingly to demand just like a normal stock share or index. For a better and clear view of the daily TTT ask price please have a look at ICOchart or our charts page


Why are you not encouraging mining?
- Because we have created a currency that identifies the crypto market as a whole. We do not favor volatility derived from miners who dump after mining.
Will Bitotal never create a mineable coin?
- Sure we will and as matter of fact starting from next year our new coins will be 100% mineable.
What do you mean with passive income for everyone?
- We believe in a future where computers and algorithms will substitute our way of creating income
Why are your answers sometimes not exhaustive?
- Because we cannot disclose every information in a public forum. If you seriously want to invest in our project and have question feel free to contact us personally through mail, Slack or Whatsapp
Are there any ICO bonuses?
- By + $10k invested you'll receive a 1% extra TTT, by + $20k a 2% bonus and by + $50k a 5% extra TTT coins bonus.