Api and platform developments

The launch of our Trading platform is coming closer and we are excited that we can soon trade our coin. We cannot disclose the exact date yet but we can assure that the last three weeks has been a very busy timeframe.
When will be sure that the exchange will be safe for everyone of us will start immediately and we will give notice also through Twitter and other known channels.
In the last week there have been issues with Poloniex and their Api. For this reason some charts are not working properly on our website and we have decided to update the indexes manually and quotes can still be viewed here
When our trading platform will be active we won't need any other api then ours and we won't have this issues anymore.

Our shareholders have expressed their first vote where they were asked to give their opinion on three important decisions to make.
Among others it was decided to submit the TTT coin to Bittrex.com and after this we sent the request to trade our coin on the Bittrex platform. However it is also obvious that those big exchangers seen us as competitor and they are reluctant to promote our project.