Deposits through Bank transfer and Paypal added

Development at the trading platform are going as expected and we are currently working on the exchange module. We made a small video that is visible here on our new Youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFiIMtEQEfQ

Crowdfunding has come to the last week and we still hope to attract more potential investors to create a solid foundation for the future.
As we speak more 175.000 coins have been sold and TTT price is $1.62.
We are happy with it but ofcourse we always hope for more and we aim to achieve at least 250k coins sold and a price above $2.

To encourage the search for new funds, we have also created an affiliate program specifically for the last week of the ICO.
For more information, visit the affiliate page or email us at support@bitotal.com

Now that we are a legally registered company and we registered the TTT trademark we have the ability to offer also the possibility to deposit funds via bank deposit or Paypal.