Newsletter 5

We are pleased to announce that we're officially a registered dutch company and TTT a registered trading mark. This enables us among others to protect our project from being copied. Now that we also have an Exchange Trading License we will be able very soon to offer different payment methods other than cryptocurrencies.

Charts are running and we have build now a substantial historical data of the indexes. This data will be implemented in the new charts of the upcoming trading platform. That makes possible to see past price movements of the indexes even before our announcement in June. An extra tool for our customers to buy or short our indexes starting from September.

A month ago we anticipated that we were working on a new bot and we can now unveil that's related to our Investment Index Fund. We are now able to show this together with our main bot results. Our main bot (TTTBOT index) is where Bitcoin and TTT20 are autotraded. In this page you see first a comparison of TTTBOT and TTT20 results, Bitcoin prices and the first Investment Index Fund results. For more info please visit the Bots page

The first steps on the development of the TTT19012 are made. Bouke Brouwer started to work at the card reader of the software that will revolutionate the way we will pay in the future. This tool offers shop clients the opportunity to make a digital payment with their saving card. Are you a business owner that wants to make an own coin and distribute it to your customers? Please take the time to visit the business page
Like previous announced in our Whitepaper roadmap, the distribution of this product will be introduced in The Netherlands in Q1 2018. More info in the next newsletters.