Newsletter 3

The 3rd and last round of our Initial Coin Offer starts today.
From now on you will receive a special bonus by any investments of 2 or more BTC.
Please click here to see the Bonus page for percentages of the extra reward In this first month of the ICO, TTT reached the price of $1.22 for an increase of 22% from the start at the 1st of July. In the upcoming month TTT will increase his value according to the demand but in this case it will also be affected by the movements of the TTT20.
The TTT20 as you already know is the index of the 20 best altcoins. In the last month there was a drop of 36% in TTT20 compared to Bitcoin price which has never been so low since May.
If the valuation of the 20 biggest alternative coins will descend more, it would curb the rise of the TTT coin price for this ICO. In the worst case scenario, the TTT price won't drop but only rise by positive TTT20 and by token demand. Without any doubt this last month of the ICO is going to be a good moment to buy TTT coin at discount price.
Starting from 1 September 2017 like we anticipated in our Whitepaper we will have our trading bots running and we will start to see enhancements of the TTT price based on all the best cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. At the end of the ICO, it will be possible to exchange TTT and then it will officially become the first Index based cryptocurrency.
At the moment we still intent on making the TTT coin tradable from our platform and for TTT20, TTTSOFT, TTTEME and TTTENTER excusively. However we received 2 requests from C-CEX and Novaexchange to sell TTT on their platforms and we are pondering that.
On July 30 we started with the first lines of code of our trading platform. We have begun from scratches like we did from the beginning of our project and like we promised to our initial supporters.
Just because we don't use any existing codes it's going to be an unique trading platform and possible to extend it with more and exclusive tools in the future.