Jul 2017

Newsletter 2

We are thrilled to announce that tomorrow will start the 2nd round of our Initial Coin Offer.

It has been a very exciting first 2 weeks of the crowdfunding where we have seen investors, online news providers and enthousiasts from all over the world showing interest about our project.
Above all the products that are capturing attention are of course the indexes and that's only a small piece of the products and idea's we have for the future, but it is understandable that this is what more attracts people.

We achieved with the first 3 milestones of our ICO allready the minimum amount of raised money we had in mind in the beginning and we are very pleased with that.
We are able now to start developing the trading module that will enable everybody around the world to trade our exclusive assets.
In this regard it's important to remind everyone that we can't spend any penny of what we have raised or we will raise before the 1 September 2017, the first day after the end of the crowdsale. All the money needed for the website, creation of the charts, creation of the tokens, mining, server, advertisement etc. are coming from our own wallet and from the first push of the dutch government.
This is an important point because we have started from zero and we are seeing very much attention coming from everywhere.
Website visitors and downloaded data are growing. Last week it was time to move our charts databases into a new server and everything is running smoothly now.
In the last 24 days we have seen a big sell off in the cryptocurrencies market. Maybe we can better say that in the 4 previous months starting from March we saw an unjustifiable rally and now we are seeing an obvious retracement. The TTT20 (average price of the best 20 altcoins) went from the highest price of BTC 0.0226 in 20/06/2017 to BTC 0.0148 in 11/07/2017 for a fall of almost 35%. We saw similar picture in the Bitcoin price from $2800 in 20/06/2017 to $2100 in 14/07/2017.

Furthermore, like above stated, we are working on the trading platform in which those data will be implement it. We are now in the very early stage and we will share it with you as soon as we have a decent screenshot to show. In the current back-end of our website we enabled now also LTC payment method.
We have translated our website to french and spanish. We have paused our Facebook and Twitter campaigns for some time to see first the developing of the TTTcoin price and determine the rewards. We have started a Multimedia campaign where everybody can participate and write articles or shoot videos about us: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1996563.0 We had last week also a Linkedin campaign where any Linkedin user could share our articles and earn TTT. Soon we will have more of such campaigns.
Last but not least we have started talks with different dutch marketing companies for the introduction of the TTT technology to large industries in Q1 2018. It may look too soon for that but we may decide to anticipate the introduction in Q4 2017 first to a few companies before we start a national campaign.