Jul 2017

Newsletter 1

As you allready know the Initial Coin Offer of the first ever CryptoIndex coin started the 1st of July. Everything is going smooth and demand is growing organically as we expected.

During the first 15 days of our ICO the TTT ask price is fixed and that gives new investor the chance to see how everything in Bitotal works before actually making the big move. That is obvious and we counted that from the beginning. We think also that we can predict how it will be from the start of the 2nd round in 16 July when the ask price will start to grow.

Real investors have allready shown their interest in our project and that guarantees us the first milestones until Q2 2018:
- Launch Exchange software
- Introduction TTT card
Other developments during the last 15 days:
- 2 new Devs joined us: Grant I'Anson from UK and Andriy Khudoteplyy from Ukraine
- 1 of our first Devs Ioannis Lamis from Greece is testing a new algorithm for a future product
- A new Github account has been opened: github/Bitotal/TTT
- A new Slack account has been created: bitotal.slack.com
- 5 new social ad campaigns have started
- A new TTT/USD chart has been created. This is our ICO chart where you can follow TTT price during the ICO and the amount of sold coins. Link available from your personal dashboard
- Ripple payment method has been added. You can buy TTT with XRP now Furthermore i would like once more to underline that we don't like for any reason to spam our investors or potential investors with messages through mail or social media. Feel free to view our threads on:
Bitcoingarden Bitcointalk