Bitotal introduces TTT - The first cryptocurrencies index.

"We first created TTT20 (the 20 largest altcoins) and then TTTSOFT (the index of companies altcoins operating in the software industry), TTTENTER (the index for the entertainment altcoins) and TTTEME (a selection of new introduced most promising coins). This 4 indexes gives investors an indication of the total Alternative Coins trading market and the up or down movements of it.
We developed TTT (Total Trading Technology) which profits from those cryptocurrencies prices fluctuations. This technology is implemented into our coin and in the softwares we sell to our customers." Read more in the ABOUT page.

Finally a tool that enables you to trade the market as a whole

Buy or sell the whole altcoin market or a segment of it. Please check indexes charts here.



Selection of the 20 biggest Altcoins



Best software related Altcoins


Entertainment related Altcoins Index

initial tttcoin offer

Until the 31st of August you will be able to buy ttt with a discount.
The first token was sold the 1st of July for $1.
Afterthat the price per token rised accordingly with the demand and the same will do until the end of the Initial Coin Offer. You will able to trade TTT and all our indexes exclusively from our platform right after the crowdfunding. For more informations please read our Whitepaper

shareholder benefits

Get decision-making power
Receive dividends every four months
Receive shareholders newsletter

2 or more BTC? Please visit the bonus page


Use our technology to
promote your business

From the creation of your brandable tokens, the implementation in a shopping cards and
until the distribution of your own currency.

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Let's make your coin

Use succesfully tested TTT algo to build your own currency

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Implement it in a card

Give your customers the opportunity to share their love for your company

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Let your customers mine

A situation where a client creates tokens to spend at your shop

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